Big News at Rooted Reservoir!


Over the last year, hundreds of churches have used Rooted Reservoir curriculum to teach their students the Bible. We have worked to add to our library of curriculum this year, and we are excited to announce six new books of the Bible in two new plans! Whether you’re a parent who wants to study the Bible with your family, or a youth minister looking for curriculum for your small groups, large groups, or Sunday school teaching, we’ve built this flexible curriculum to help you disciple the teenagers in your life. Here’s your first look at the new curriculum that’s available today:

Old Testament Foundations

  • A Survey of Genesis (15 lessons)
  • A Survey of Exodus (12 lessons) 

General Epistles

  • James (6 lessons)
  • 1 Peter (10 lessons)
  • 123 John (6 lessons)
  • Jude (4 lessons)

Don’t just take our word for it; hear what some of our Rooted Reservoir members have to say about their experience:

“The Rooted Reservoir Curriculum has been a huge help to our ministry, particularly in our small groups. Our team recognized that many of our students learn best with a structured study and this curriculum fits the bill. Each lesson is clear, focused, and contextualized to help students understand the passage and apply it to their lives. I’m confident that this curriculum will become a mainstay in our Bible studies for years to come!” – Connor Coskery, Youth Ministry Director at Redeemer Community Church

 “Rooted Reservoir studies use inductive Bible study principles that don’t just help our students learn what the Bible  says, but teaches them how to read the Bible for themselves. These theologically rich yet easy to understand Bible studies will be  a valuable tool to youth ministries everywhere.” -Josh Hussung, Pastor of Youth and Families at Grace Community Church

“I’ve been using your Bible Study on Philippians over the past 5 weeks and just wanted to let you know that it’s been really good. I appreciate how it’s set up with the “What? So What? and Now What?” questions. Those have helped students to understand the text and what Paul is saying and then see the implications of it for their lives. I also really appreciate the constant emphasis on the gospel and how the gospel speaks into our real world struggles. The study has sparked some great conversations and I look forward to using it again or using other studies from Rooted.” – Kyle Kauffman, Youth Pastor, Keystone Church

Is it sounding intriguing yet?  Want to see sneak peak of the curriculum? We’d love to give you more than just a sample! You can download the entire Philippians study for free here. 

Also, we would be remiss if we did not mention some of the other resources and tools found within Rooted Reservoir. In addition to Bible-based curriculum for students, Rooted Reservoir also houses comprehensive youth ministry training videos, a teaching illustration bank, and a community for youth pastors. 

Join our community today and gain access to what we believe to be foundations of building an effective youth ministry! 



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