Communicating the Gospel to a “Burned-Over Generation”


There’s a great article in the latest issue of Modern Reformation. I encourage you to read the full article, but of particular interest to us here at Rooted is Zahl’s comment that today’s “burned-over generation” – “a generation that has suffered the full brunt of megachurch semi-Pelagianism [first- or second-hand], kids who by and large have been robbed of any chance to hear the gospel as good news” – resists instruction and argument in favor of “proclamation”.  They are wounded by “the obsession with results” that has invaded church ministry, and youth ministry in particular, over that past few decades.  Moral instruction, argues Zahl, cripples today’s students.

Do your students fit the description of Zahl’s “burned-over generation”?  How, then, are you proclaiming the Gospel of Grace in a way that it is heard?  Grace is the salve to the wounds of this generation – how will they hear it?
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