Confessions of a Struggling Youth Minister Series


Rooted exists because youth ministry is hard. It’s our mission and desire to come along youth pastors (and parents) to support you in the crazy, difficult, fun, challenging, lonely world of discipling teenagers. It’s a gift when other youth ministers are willing to share their particular challenges, and so we thank each of these writers for being willing to admit that the struggle is real. We hope you’ll be encouraged by God’s faithfulness to each of them, and trust that He delights to show that same faithfulness to you.

Confessions of a Struggling Youth Minister by Morgan Lusk. “But when your job seems to depend on you being “fine,” you may be the last person anyone expects to let it be known that you’re not okay.”

I Think I Failed… by Ben Yi. “As a young youth minister, I feel unequipped for this calling that God has given me. As a youth minister who is also still in seminary, I fear that what I may preach or teach may either be incorrect or totally over my kids’ heads. Many of these anxieties fall on my own shortcomings as a youth pastor (or what I believe to be shortcomings).”

Servant Leadership by Paul Hong. “I struggle with leadership for a number of reasons. I have an introverted personality. I am easily intimidated by stronger personalities. I don’t like to draw attention to myself. Responsibility and commitment, especially involving other people, are scary concepts for me. The majority of my experience in leadership is due to it being thrust upon me – and so I usually have accepted it with some level of reluctance. I compare myself to other leaders who possess far and beyond my capability, and I feel overwhelmed and discouraged by my own shortcomings.”

The Double-Edged Sword of Singleness in Ministry by Kendal Conner. “Most people assume I prefer singleness. It reasons that an unmarried 28-year-old must have chosen singleness, meaning I have the whole thing figured out. I do not. Singleness is hard. Especially as a leader in youth ministry.” (for single youthm inisters)

Combatting the Loneliness of Ministry by Scott Douglas. “So if you find yourself in the same isolated spot as us, wondering if you’re alone, fear not. Ultimately Jesus was with us. He was enough for us; and He is enough for you.” (for married youth ministers)

When Students Walk Away by Ben Beswick. “The way I saw it, I had failed to disciple my students and I had failed to remain confident in the power of God’s Word to change hearts.”

Weariness, Weakness, and Grace by Sarah Nixon. “The weariness that I endured this spring was exactly what I needed to bring me to the end of my pretending, to the end of my ‘competency.’ I had nothing left to lead with but my emptiness. So I did. What I found there amazed me.”




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