From the Editor: Why Participate in Flip the Statistic?


As the editor-in-chief of the Rooted blog, I have one primary goal: to offer cross-centered, gospel driven content that will encourage and equip you in your ministry to youth, as either a pastor or a parent.

We at Rooted are convinced that giving children a rich understanding of their need as sinners, met by the love, grace, and salvation offered to us in Jesus is the only effective way to inspire a faith that lasts.

We don’t just love kids. This is kingdom work.

We publish content every day with this goal in our hearts. We work with our writers to craft each article into a piece that can serve you in this difficult, often thankless role. On top of that, we always want our content to be free.

We don’t try to sell you books…

Or Curriculum…

Or other ministry-related products…

We want to increase our content in 2018, and also continue to keep the cost of attending our conference low. We need your support. Even giving $10 a month will help.

Give to the Rooted “Flip the Statistic” Campaign today.


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