Gospel-Centered Resources for Dealing with Coronavirus


I just left a PTA meeting at my son’s high school. As you might imagine, the first topic on the agenda was the potential impact of the coronavirus on our local school system. One woman summed it up, “We don’t know what we don’t know.”

That’s the hardest part, isn’t it? The unknown tends to make us anxious, a little panicky, and sometimes even foolish. In times like these, when all the world is urging us to stockpile face masks (or not), sanitize our hands to surgical cleanliness, and avoid meaningful contact with, well, anyone, we do well to remember the power and the goodness of our God. Concentrate on what we as Christians do know: He stockpiles the riches of His glory for us, He cleanses us with the blood of His only Son, and He comes so close that He dwells within us by the Spirit.

Here are some resources as we faithfully and prayerfully watch how this situation unfolds:

Should Christians Be Anxious About the Coronavirus? Todd Wagner, TGC. “Worry is not our friend, and panic is not our way.”

A Q and A With an Infectious Disease Specialist by Brent Leatherwood and Lindsay Nicolet, ERLC. One of the most helpful practical pieces I have seen, this Q and A includes a discussion of the science behind the illness, how Christians should approach the threat (“preparedness and perspective”), and how to talk with children and teens about the illness.

A Believer’s Response to the Coronavirus by Katie Polski, katipolski.com. “People and precautions will fail us, but there is no need to lose hope. Our ultimate security is in the One true God who is in control of everything and is surprised by nothing.”

A Virus is Spreading. Tornadoes are Swirling. Where is God? by Davis Lacey, autumnridgecommunitychurch.com. “Tornadoes and viruses kill and destroy, and we count ourselves among the victims. But have hope, Christian! The page is going to turn; Restoration is coming!”

Rooted Pro Tip

Consider singing this version of “Happy Birthday” as you wash your hands:

“Happy birthday to you

Only one will not do

Take Jesus as your Savior

And then you’ll have two!”





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