Hope this Helps: Responding to 13 Reasons Why


13 Reasons Why, a young adult novel recently turned Netflix series, is making its way through many of our high schools. The premise – a teen takes her life, leaving behind a record of how certain individuals contributed to her decision – might initially seem intriguing, perhaps even constructive when it comes to the alarming mental health statistics in American teens. Several aspects of this show are also concerning, though. Here are several articles that will help guide and inform both parents and student ministers as they respond, draw lines, or engage with their students about this show.

13 Reasons Why and Its Unintended Consequences, by Brooke Fox

Underneath 13 Reasons Why, by Kristen Hatton

13 Reasons Why Isn’t Really About Suicide, by Anna Silman

Stay tuned with Rooted as we ask the important questions about this TV series, and its implications (positive and negative) for our teens.


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