Hope this Helps: TGC’s New Bible Study for Teens


We’re extremely excited to tell you about the The Gospel Coalition’s newly released teen Bible Study, To God Alone: 5 Core Beliefs of the Reformation (Brandon D. Smith).

Here’s what the publisher (Lifeway) has to say:

How is the Reformation still relevant today? As political pressure mounts, morality drifts with today’s culture, and evangelicalism becomes more and more refined in a post-Christian world, it’s even more important to hold the convictions of the great Reformation closer than ever. In short, the solas point us to community as well as identity. As you’ll see in this study, they’re more than just a bunch of cold Latin terms that academics throw around in church history books. The five solas, like the Reformation itself, are intensely practical. They were the DNA of the Reformation and are still the DNA of the church today. They are grounded in real life, everyday following of Jesus. They’re the most important, basic truths you can ever believe.


  • 6 small-group sessions that include an introductory session and application of the 5 solas
  • Individual study opportunities for continued growth
  • 6-session workbook with group and personal component


  • Gives students a better understanding of The Reformation’s impact on today’s world
  • Reveals the weighty importance of the inspired Word of God
  • Helps students grasp the importance of grace and its role in the life of a disciple
  • Contributes to a believer’s understanding of biblical and historical depth of faith
  • Students will conclude the group understanding how Christ alone provides all life’s answers
  • Shows students how to live life for the glory of God and how this is our biblical mandate

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