HOPE THIS HELPS: So What? Teen Bible Curriculum


HTH (Hope this Helps) is an ongoing column that we run on Tuesdays, in which student leaders share various resources – videos, articles, books, curriculum, etc. – that have served their ministries.

Five years ago, I started my ongoing search for curriculum to use in my teen girls’ Bible study. At the time there was a huge void of Christ-centered resources for teens, which is why I was especially thankful to discover the So What? curriculum developed by Great Commission Publications

My group dove into Knowing the God Who Is, the first in the So What? Series (which now totals nine semester-long studies that include different books of the Bible and topics such as Identity & Purpose and Forming a Biblical Worldview). What I love about this curriculum is that every study is rooted in the scripture and uses an inductive study method to help students better understand God’s word. By asking questions and making observations to discover the meaning of the text before moving into application, the students learn a proper way to interpret the Bible as the narrative they must get straight first, in order to then make sense of their lives.

The curriculum is well laid out for a teacher/leader and can be easily used with a large Sunday school class, small group or for one-on-one mentoring. For more information, go here.

Hope this Helps!

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