Hope This Helps: Superheroes Can’t Save You


Like most youth pastors, I’m always looking for good resources that will help me teach biblical truth in ways that are understandable to teeangers. Todd Miles is a theology professor who grew up reading comic books. After hearing another professor use Superman as an example of Docetism (an ancient heresy that teaches Jesus only appeared to be human but wasn’t), he realized other superheroes could also be used to represent the major Christological heresies. And that’s just what his book, Superheroes Can’t Save You: Epic Examples of Historic Heresies (B&H, 2018) presents. The book uses superheroes like Superman, Batman, Spider Man, and others to help everyday Christians think biblically about who Jesus is. 

It’s important to recognize this book won’t take the place of your systematic theology book, and you probably shouldn’t quote from it if you’re writing a research paper for seminary. But it is an excellent resource to use with students to help them develop a good theology of what it means to say Jesus is fully God and fully human. There is also a Study Guide available for groups who will use it for this purpose. 


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