Hope this Helps: The Best Way to Overcome Sexual Sin


HTH (Hope this Helps) is an ongoing series that we run on Tuesdays, in which student ministers share various resources – videos, articles, books, curriculum, etc. – that have served their ministries.

In an article written for churchleaders.com, Andrew Hess presents a 6-minute video in which John Piper offers hope and grace for those struggling with sexual sin. “Our people are laid waste with sexual temptation,” says Piper. “Why? Because our souls have shriveled up.” But he refrains from condemning those who wrestle with sexual sin. He never turns to external measures of commitment and accountability as the ultimate solution to the problem. Instead, Piper hits the ball out of the park in his assessment of the ultimate hope we have for all types of sin, and especially sexual sin:

“Theology with passion for Jesus can conquer biology.”

This video is helpful for at least three reasons. First, and arguably most importantly, it addresses deep sin struggles with the real hope and forgiveness that is offered through God’s gospel of grace alone. Second, it encourages believers and non-believers alike to fight for satisfaction in God’s perfection, rather than encouraging us to dwell (to the point of narcissism) upon our imperfections and shortcomings. Finally, it “levels the playing field” by assuring us that, while sexual shortcomings are serious in God’s eyes, they are neither unforgivable nor more egregious than other, more “acceptable” sins. This video could serve as a great “opening” for a message that addresses human sexuality, or as a resource for parents and ministry leaders, or just personal encouragement to someone struggling with sexual sin.

I hope this helps!

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