Hope this Helps: Truth Matters


HTH (Hope this Helps) is an ongoing series we run on Tuesdays, in which student ministers share various resources – videos, articles, books, curriculum, etc. – that have served their ministries.

If you’re like me you have bought, read, and gifted many different books for graduates as they head off to college. There are many I like (for a variety of reasons) but there is one in particular I like to give to a specific subset of students. If you’re looking for a book to prepare the brainy kid headed off to a big secular university, the skeptic vacillating between belief and non-belief, or the theologically astute who wants to better engage with their non-Christian peers, consider giving them a copy of Truth Matters: Confident Faith in a Confusing World by Andreas Kostenberger, Darrell Bock, and Josh Chatraw.

Truth Matters would be valuable for any student heading off to college, but some students will certainly find it more helpful and engaging than others. Each chapter addresses a question that students are likely to face in their education (if they haven’t wrestled with it already) about life, Christianity, or the bible. The chapters begin with quotes that frame the answer a non-believing scholar is liable to give, followed by a quote that presents a reasoned Christian response. The writing style allows the reader to imagine him or herself facing this question in a challenging situation, and walks him/her through how to respond. Finally, the discussion questions at the end are great for personal application, but they also make this book easy to use as a study with one or more students over the summer.

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