Hope this Helps: A Video for Your Youth Christmas Party


We’re doing a special blast of HTH (Hope this Helps) posts this Christmas season. May these resources be a blessing to you in your ministry!  

Every year our Youth Group has a Christmas party. It’s full of food, fun, ugly Christmas sweaters purchased from Goodwill, and an unhealthy amount of sweets. We also have a slide show of pictures from our year together, reminding ourselves of all that God has done among us.

However, the Christmas party isn’t only about fun and games. This event provides the perfect moment to ask students to reflect on and share together about how they saw God’s grace at work in their lives this year. Most notably, we use this time to intentionally retell the great story of how God became a man in Jesus, to seek and save the lost. It is the reason Christmas is worth celebrating. Here are two great videos I’ve used in previous years that creatively and beautifully tell the Nativity Story!

This video in a very witty and humorous way helps contrasts the message of Christmas with the message of the Gospel.

Hope this Helps!

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