HTH: Connect: Real Relationships in a World of Isolation


Connect, by Jonathan McKee is a must-read for all of my volunteers. This book is a fantastic resource on how to connect one-on-one with different types of students, and the value of interpersonal relationships.

“It seems to me students today are more isolated, have fewer close friends, and are drifting away from activities with personal interaction. This is creating a relational void in their lives. Add this to the growing levels of stress and pain teenagers already face as part of adolescence, and it is no wonder we are seeing an increase in teenage anxiety, depression, violence, and self-injury. Teenagers are hurting more than ever before. 

Where is the hope? How can we make an impact in the lives of today’s lonely and hurting teenagers? Is there anything a caring adult can do?

Is it possible the solution might be somewhere beyond technology’s reach? Could the answer be found in something as simple as face-to-face meeting and good, old-fashioned, one-on-one interaction?”

Join us for Rooted 2015, an intimate youth ministry conference, where we will explore how the good news of God coming to mankind in the person of Jesus Christ offers student ministers and teenagers, hope, healing and connectedness.  

Also to learn more about gospel centered youth ministry, check more articles from Rooted’s youth ministry blog. 


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