HTH: Counter Cultural Parenting


This HTH, “When Parent Must Contradict Culture” comes to you by way of either video or podcast. Click here to access either one you prefer.

Listen to a mom (Jen Wilkin) and a dad (Gregory Thornbury) discuss some of the cultural messages they have worked to contradict in their respective homes. They advise a dad (Jason Cook of TGC) whose children are still quite young about how they respond to issues like materialism and work/life balance.

And, because the world teaches us to evaluate our parenting by our children’s behavior, read Relax, Frustrated Parent. You Are In Christ. Try this excerpt for some countercultural encouragement:

“For Christians, Jesus is our identity. He is who we are. You get to relax a little, because you are not identified by your teenager’s behavior. You can take a breath, because you are not the sum of the positives and negatives during this season of family life. Sure, you need to attend to these things responsibly. But you need not despair because, if you are in Christ, you are in the grip of a good and sovereign God who loves you and loves your children more than you do.”

Truth sweeter than homemade strawberry ice cream.

Dare to be different: relax into Jesus and really enjoy your summer with the kiddos.


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