HTH: Creating a Gospel Grid for Teenagers


Two beloved Rooted authors – Kendal Conner and Kristen Hatton – sat down on the Face Time podcast to talk about the importance of creating a gospel grid for the teens in our care. Kristen said of her conversation with Kendal (a youth minister), “…you will hear how she [Kendal] seeks to help teens uncover the root issues going on underneath their behavior, emotions and attitudes.  And why it’s so important we all do the same with ourselves. Whatever we worship, whatever we desire most, whatever we long for or turn to looking for worth is what drives all we do. So until we peel back the layers to uncover what is going on at the heart-level, our soul will know no rest. When we do see the false ways we try to secure life and fill the “soul hole,” it is there and then the gospel can be applied specifically.”

Listen to the Face Time podcast here. Check out Kristen’s new book, Face Time: Your Identity in a Selfie World, available May 29.

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