HTH: Ed Stetzer on Faithfully Preaching the Word


Often when we are preparing our teaching, we have a particular response in mind for which we are aiming. I think this is particularly true in Youth Ministry, where faithful ministers often long (and are under pressure from parents) to see their students’ behavior reformed. In this article, Ed Stetzer provides great reminders to all of us who teach God’s word that it is in fact the word that does the work. Stick faithfully to the text, use illustrations that make the text’s point, and make sure the message is specifically Christian. Check out this excerpt:

“It is precisely because Jesus has fulfilled all righteousness, died for sinners, conquered death and reigns forever that we can preach all of Scripture with boldness and an eager expectation that God will work through our words. When we leave Christ out of the sermon, we leave people without hope. When we preach without telling them to rely on the Spirit’s power, we leave them deficient, which ultimately leads to spiritual despair.”

Hope This Helps!


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