HTH: Enjoying God Through the Game of Baseball


I most definitely did NOT like baseball until I had three little boys who taught me to love the game. (Well, two of them love baseball; the third one just loved roaming the ballpark making friends like he was running for mayor!) But some of my best mom memories were made watching my kids play their hearts out.

That’s why I loved Treasure in the Field: Enjoying God Through the Game of Baseball. Sport is rich with spiritual metaphor – Paul alluded to running races and winning crowns in our life with God – and there will certainly be some spiritual observations about the recent US women’s soccer victory in the days to come. For those of you who parent athletes, this article transcends baseball to “illustrate how to enjoy God himself through his created world.” Sharing favorite games (theirs or ours) with our children magnifies our delight in God the Giver of all good gifts, including baseball.

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