HTH: Further Thoughts on Raising Kids in an Era of the College Admissions Scandal


In the wake of the college admissions scandal, several thought-provoking essays have come to our attention, and we wanted to share a few that stand out. The Illusion of Prestige and the College Admissions Scandal comes from a college admissions counselor who connects admissions with the gospel, reminding us that our hope is always and only in what Jesus has done for us:

I have deep sympathy for anyone that feels the temptation to go to extreme and unhealthy lengths in order to try to justify themselves in any way — because I myself feel that temptation acutely and daily. 

In Kids, Don’t Become Success Robots, columnist Peggy Noonan compares students at elite, highly competitive universities with students at less well-known schools- and finds the latter to be far more mature and balanced than the former. She advises kids to:

Avoid elite universities if you can; they’re too often indoctrination mills anyway. Aim at smaller, second-tier colleges, places of low-key harmony, religiously affiliated when possible—and get a real education. Every school has a library. Every library has books. That’s what you need.

Finally, author and college pastor David Zahl writes a thoughtful piece for the Washington Post, When Parenting Becomes a Religion, College Admissions Officers become High Priests:

What is required of the religion of parenting is nothing short of the objectification of one’s own progeny. Experience shows that kids who have been objectified rarely fail to make their feelings known. They may do so with words. They may do so with their wardrobe. They may do so by moving across the country.

Rooted has made two contributions to the conversation, with Hope Amidst College Admissions Insanity and Parental Self-Justification and the College Admissions Scandal.

A gut check for this mom, who is currently taking her son on a trip to view colleges.

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