HTH: Happy Mother’s Day (Rooted Parent)


Moms want nothing more than to love their children well, yet every day we fall short because we are messy and imperfect. God knew this before He ever created families. He gave us His Son so that neither mothers nor children need be condemned by failure. My prayer is that No Condemnation: A Mother’s Day Sermon will be gracious balm to the aching soul of any and every mother.

Incidentally, I found this sermon reprinted in the back of a devotion/ Bible study called Engaging Motherhood: Heart Preparation for a Holy Calling by Holly Mackle and Linda Barrett. Written for young moms, the book can be used for personal study or in a small group. I just finished working through it with a group of young mothers, and the chapters are short and rich with truth. Practical and honest, this study encourages young moms in their walk with God during one of the busiest and most intense seasons of life. A chapter at the end of the book written by adoptive moms for adoptive moms addresses the unique challenges these parents might face.

On Mother’s Day, and every day, rest in the finished work of Jesus Christ on your behalf as a mother.

And have a Happy Mother’s Day!


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