HTH: How to Grow Newer When You’re Not Growing Younger


We at Rooted Parent have been waiting several months to share this treat in advance of Mother’s Day. Available both in podcast and in longform article formats, this essay from Abigail Dodds takes a look at aging as “growing new” in Christ. Dodds writes:

It’s said that youth is wasted on the young; and while I’m not sure I buy that, how much worse when age is wasted on the old. It’s one thing to watch teenage children be oblivious to all they don’t know and take for granted the many things they’ve never been without. Yet it’s another thing entirely to grow older, and year after year forsake the wisdom and maturity that should rightfully be taking up residence.

Take a moment to relax and read or listen to Dodds’ wisdom. You will find your mind renewed, your attitude uplifted, and your spirit strengthened for the joys that lie ahead of believers in Christ.

And leading up to Mother’s Day next week, we will have three articles for moms (and the dads who love them!) to encourage and strengthen you as you follow Christ and (try to) teach your families to do the same. Be sure to check those out Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Happy Mother’s Day (all week!) from Rooted Parent.


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