HTH: James Choung on the Spiritual Questions of the Generations


Does the gospel you preach sound like “good news” to your students?

This is the question James Choung, Vice President of Strategy and Innovation for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, commonly asks as he trains InterVarsity staff and other church leaders.

Here’s a presentation Choung gave at Wheaton College, in which he unpacks the dominant spiritual question of each recent generation: the Boomers, the Xers, the Millenials, and iGen.

For a generation like iGen, who desires to see beauty in the here and now, the truncated gospel of personal salvation may not sound all that compelling. As Choung points out elsewhere, previous generations have tended to focus their gospel proclamation on a personal decision about eternity. But this framing may not resonate with a generation transfixed with the aesthetic beauty of slick media and airbrushed images, who also long to see the social ills of the world made right. In order to answer their deepest questions, then, we need to expand our presentation of the gospel—the Good News that Jesus lived, died, and rose again to make God’s enemies His friends—to tell the whole Story of Scripture. We need to start at the beginning, showing that God created a good and beautiful world. And we need to share the hope of the end, explaining how Jesus is even now restoring the world to the beauty God intended all along—beginning with his new kingdom people today. That is really Good News.

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