HTH: My Church is Not CrossFit


This wonderful article written by Connor Gwin (Mockingbird) is deeply relevant to the current generation of young people and, thus, deeply relevant to those of us with spiritual influence over them. Students today are looking for meaning, transformation, community, transcendence. We both pray and labor that their “salvation plan” would be finally and completely found at the foot of the cross, in the abundant grace of Jesus Christ.

Check out this excerpt from the article:

“When I was newly ordained and working on a diocesan staff, I would be invited to parishes to present on ‘the millennial question.’ Where are the young adults and why aren’t they coming to our church? (These parishes were looking for a meatier answer than ‘Because your parish stinks.’) They wanted the meta answer to the meta question every generation asks: Why are young people so different from us?

In my presentation, I would show an online video advertising CrossFit. The video opens with the CrossFit motto: ‘Making People Better.’ In the highly-produced video, young people work out and smile and hug. They tell the camera how much they love CrossFit and how it has transformed their lives. They find meaning, community, fulfillment, and self-actualization in the workouts and gyms. They say that they love to tell their friends about it, saying, ‘You haven’t heard about CrossFit? Let me tell you about CrossFit.’

At the end of the video, I would ask the gathered crowd of good churchgoers, ‘What does that sound like?’

‘It sounds like church,’ they would respond.”


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