HTH: “Out of the Question” – An Apologetics Resource for Youth


Students’ faith is tested both among their peers and in the quiet of their own soul. Good apologetics resources provide students with renewed confidence in the trustworthiness of the gospel while also equipping them to share the gospel with their friends. Out of the Question is a resource Rooted has recently become aware of, and we are happy to commend it to you after a thorough review by our own Mike McGarry. Here is how Out of the Question describes itself:

“Out of the Question is a series of animations to equip young people to give a reason for the hope they have. Following the characters, Chris, Holly Beth and Sam through the ups and downs of discussing the Christian faith with their friends, young people will learn the value of a conversational, question-based approach that is both robust but also positive.”

There are currently six “episodes” in this Scottish-made series that each last between 6-9 minutes. Each episode also has a discussion guide on the website to help you and your leaders debrief and apply each episode with your students.

***It should be noted that in the first episode, some of the adult characters are seen casually drinking together. If this makes you uncomfortable, Out of the Questionis still worthy of your time; simply skip episode one.




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