HTH: Praying for a Breakthrough


I find in ministry that the moment I’m onto something that is clearly from the Lord, I am often met by extreme opposition. Hours before leading a mission trip, I was t-boned at an intersection (while on the way to stock up on some extremely necessary face soap). On another mission trip, the fire extinguisher exploded on the church bus while driving 70 mph on the way to Memphis. White chemicals sprayed across the windshield leaving it opaque to the driver (a poor summer intern). Kids screamed in terror and later spilled out of the bus looking like they’d been bathing in baby powder. Thankfully, everyone was okay. But then several hours after that I lost the keys to the other church bus. For good. (To this day I can only conclude that I accidentally threw them away). And still other times, on the verge of a breakthrough, I am met with debilitating depression and crippling self-doubt. Jon Bloom’s article, “Praying for a Breakthrough,” describes this phenomenon (spiritual warfare) so well. For we are up against “spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places (Ephesians 6:12).”

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