HTH: Raising Sexually Faithful Kids


It’s tougher than ever to be both a kid and a parent today! The world’s culture is continually pushing an anything-goes sexuality on our children.

HARVEST USA has developed a four session webinar to equip parents to engage the hearts of their children – toddler through college age – about sexuality in light of the gospel of Christ. Our webinar Gospel Sexuality: Raising Sexually-Faithful Kids gives you gospel-centered principles and practically helps to disciple your kids’ hearts and nurture their faith as they face the sexual chaos of their world.

If you are a youth worker, consider recommending this opportunity (coming February 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th) to the parents of the kids in your ministry.

This four-week webinar series will be taught by Dan Wilson and Cooper Pinson. Here’s what the sessions cover:
Session 1 — DISCOVERING: Looking Deeper than the Fruit
Learn how to think through the complex issues of sexuality, how to conceptualize your children as sexual image bearers of God, and how Christ transforms our parenting.

Session 2 — TALKING: Having the Sex Talk(s)
How do we talk with our children about sexuality? Learn how to share a Christ-centered vision for sexuality with your family, receive practical guidance for age-appropriate conversations, and find grace for the challenging road ahead.

Session 3 –PROTECTING: Navigating the Technological Terrain
How can we know our children’s world? The latest innovations in technology and social media are being used to indoctrinate a fallen sexual worldview. Learn the dangers of this terrain and what you can do about them in discipling your children.

Session 4 –WALKING: Helping a Struggling Child
All of us are sexually broken, including our children. Learn how to engage and aid your children as they struggle with various sexual sins and how you can partner with God in being an agent of change in their lives.

Webinar details:

Dates: February 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th, 2018
Place: Online, through WebEx
Time: 8:00pm – 9:00pm, EST
Cost: $25 (per-person), $100 (church-wide ticket)
Can’t attend every session? Each attendee will receive a video of each webinar session to view on their own time.

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Brooke Delaney, [email protected]


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