HTH: StoryMakers and How the Imagination Engages the Heart of Christianity


We are thrilled to recommend a new (and incredible!) resource to youth ministers and parents alike — StoryMakers NYC. Our friends at StoryMakers create content tailored toward the developmental stages of children and young teenagers on their Christian journey. Their approach is simple, it is imaginative, playful, and fun. Together with a team of artists and writers, StoryMakers creates content that engages the minds and imaginations of children and adults. “We know when the tiniest seed of faith is planted in the hearts and minds of our little ones, they will have received a gift they will carry with them always.” In particular, StoryMakers just released Adventure One of their zine for kids. Guys, this zine is remarkable and we can attest from personal experience that your younger students will love it. Read the description below, and explore more of the StoryMakers offerings here.

“Adventure One is all about the start of it all. Our 12-week guide will take you through Genesis 1-3 in a fun and interactive way. Children and grow-ups will both want to play together and dig deep. Not only is the zine fun, it will also help children navigate the deep waters of the Fall. Just like the Bible does not shy away from the gritty, neither does StoryMakers. The Bible is full of drama and real life, our team has created a format to engage children in it all.”

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