HTH: StoryMakers Lenten Resource for Family Pastors


One of our favorite ministries geared towards elementary aged kids, StoryMakers, has recently released its Lent zine. These zines are an fun and whimsical way to engage the imaginations of your students, making the story of the gospel truly come to life. As well as other offerings of StoryMakers, their zines are a fantastic resource both at home and in the church. If you haven’t already, read up more on StoryMakers here.

The Hope of StoryMakers:

“Our hope is to breathe new life into the old stories. We hope to engage the imaginations of our readers and teachers. The Bible is beautifully written –peppered with drama, rebellion, and real humanity. Scripture does not shy away from the human experience, and we see over and over again humanity’s need for divine intervention. As the stories progress from beginning to end, the need for God’s entrance into the world becomes abundantly clear.”


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