HTH: The Challenges of Raising Godly Men


As a single mom of three sons, I cannot get enough wise counsel for how to raise my sons to love God and love others – especially women – under the seismic cultural pressures they face. These two articles caught my eye.

The first, Sarah Condon’s When the World Calls Them Otherwise, God Calls Them Good, laments the current cultural moment which seems to say that boys are inherently bad because they are boys. In the second, Boys Will Be Boaz, writer Rachel Starke finds a different narrative in the lovely story of Ruth and Boaz. She demonstrates how the faithful teaching of godly women, particularly mothers and grandmothers, can help sons develop God-fearing character, sacrificing none of their bold manliness but instead using it to the service of God and others.

Read together, these two pieces examine serious issues and encourage us to find biblical solutions.

Hope This Helps!


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