HTH: The Dangers of Distracted Parenting


Much ado is made, and justifiably so, over the smartphone habits of teenagers.  This is probably because the people who do the research and write the articles are often parents who are not overeager to subject their own smartphone use to scrutiny. The Dangers of Distracted Parenting examines the issues.

While the article focuses primarily on young children, the principles are extremely important to ALL parents. Writer Erika Christakis points out that “child development is relational,” and we parents would be wise to remember that the teenagers in our homes are still developing.They may not look so little anymore, but teens are often either reacting to or imitating their parents. By modeling healthy boundaries with technology, parents can get some real facetime. Let’s live alert to every opportunity to look our kids in the eye, to show and to tell them how much they are loved.

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