HTH: The King and the Maiden


Hope This Helps (HTH) is a series where fellow youth workers share resources they’ve found helpful in ministry.  Of course, some things work in some churches and not in others.  But, as always, hope this helps.

This parable by Soren Kierkegaard is a beautiful illustration of the incarnation, of God’s pursuit of us with a love so great that he willingly gave up his power and royalty to offer us the chance to be in relationship with him.  It is about Love that fights for its beloved, but does not coerce, manipulate, or force its reciprocation.  It could be read on a retreat, in Sunday School, in a small group, or pretty much anywhere you’ll be with your kids for more than 5 minutes (and we even acted it out once with props and costumes to delight in the reality of bringing it to life, embodying it just as Jesus embodied God’s love for us).

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