HTH: The Local Youth Worker Podcast


The Local Youth Worker Podcast is a daily podcast produced by Reformed Youth Ministries (RYM), a ministry of the Presbyterian Church of America, for those working in youth ministry. Each week, one guest is brought on and asked a series of five questions. But each individual response makes up a single, easy to digest, approximate ten-minute episode. Therefore, over the course of five weekdays days you will hear five questions and answers from the same guest.

Each guest is asked similar questions about favorite biblical truths, encouragement, advice, mistakes and other helpful hints for youth ministers, parents, or students, as well as book recommendations. In addition to my recent interview, a few other friends of Rooted have been recent guests on the show including Liz Edrington, Walt Mueller, and Collin Hansen. Whether a full-time minister or youth volunteer, you are sure to benefit from these short segments.

You can download or subscribe to podcasts here.

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