HTH: Two Thoughtful Articles for Moms


Much Christian content for mothers offers encouragement for the weary and worried maternal soul. Obviously, grace resonates with mothers who need the comfort of Scripture as we navigate the challenges of parenting.

But moms aren’t awarded a shiny halo as they buckle their first baby in the carseat and leave the hospital. Deep down we know that many of the problems in our homes originate with our own sin. That’s why these two articles are so helpful; they confront us with our sin and then give us the grace of the gospel. Conviction doesn’t feel good, but it’s God’s instrument to purify our love for Him and for our families.

Check out: I’m A Bad Mom, and It’s Not Okay by Amy DiMarcangelo, TGC:

If we want true freedom—freedom that cleanses us from unrighteousness—we must honestly name our unrighteousness. When we’re being lazy in our parenting, we cannot call it “tiredness.” When we’re being harsh, we cannot call it “discipline.” When we’re being selfish, we cannot call it “self-care.”

And How Mama Bear Hurts Her Family by Jeanne Harrison, Revive our Hearts:

The truth is, you don’t have to be loud and obnoxious to be a Mama Bear. You just have to care too much about the well-being of your family. You have to idolize it, to bow down and worship it, so that if anybody in your household isn’t okay, nothing’s okay. You see, the thing about Mama Bears is that deep down, we long to control our universe so that we can protect the people we love. If we’re Christians, on some level we know this is impossible. But that doesn’t stop us from trying.

Yeah, it hurts, but Hope this Helps!


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