Hope this Helps: National Eating Disorder Awareness Week (Rooted Parent)


February 28 –March 4 is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, designed to “shine a spotlight on eating disorders and put life-saving resources in the hands of those in need.” The website nedawareness.org offers resources and a screening quiz for those who think they might have a problem with food and/or exercise addiction. Especially helpful are three “toolkits” for parents, educators and coaches. The parent toolkit discusses insurance issues, the educator toolkit contains a list of websites to avoid, and the coach toolkit addresses confidentiality concerns, among other valuable guidelines and information.

One essential fact I learned: 1/3 of people suffering from eating disorders are male. From my own experience teaching high school, I recognized this problem particularly among boys who were athletes. The media portrays this as a young women’s issue, so it is easy to miss in young men.

The primary risk factors for eating disorders are perfectionism, anxiety and depression, all of which occur commonly in our teens today. Writer Kristen Hatton walked through this journey with her daughter, and together they rediscovered that our true identity and worth are found in Christ alone. In her article here, Hatton shares their story, offering the insight and hope that only Jesus can give.


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