Parent Top 10: March/April Edition


Welcome to this month’s Rooted Parent Top 10- a list of parenting articles from across the web for the Rooted community. This list represents ten articles we believe will encourage and equip you as you parent your kids. At the end of the list we have included all of the parenting articles that ran on Rooted last month. If you have an article you’d like to contribute to the next edition of the Top Ten, please email Anna at

Gospel- Centered Parenting

Parenting Means Wrestling With Demons (Jonathan Parnell,

Since before Pharoah commanded the murder of all the baby boys in Egypt, the forces of evil have sought to harm children. We are better equipped to parent when we understand and expect this warfare. Excellent article.

How to Disciple Passionate- Not Perfect! Jesus Followers (

The title alone makes this one worth pausing to read.

Comparison Is Not the Thief of Joy (Abigail Dodds,

Acknowledging that “differences are God’s design,” which was apparent from the moment Adam saw Eve as “same” and “different,” Dodds instructs parents about the best ways direct our kids when they start to compare.

Hard Truths for Modern Parents (Harriet Connor, TGC)

This article tells us what parents are responsible for (their kids’ moral education), what they are NOT responsible for (their kids’ perpetual comfort), and what will make the whole family miserable (giving the kids what they want all the time). Best of all, we are reminded of the good news of the Gospel and our perfect heavenly Father.

From Ruth Graham: Why Imputation Parenting Books Will Never Sell (Sarah Condon,

Drawing on Ruth Graham’s story of her father’s gracious love after her two failed marriages, Sarah Condon examines what it means to parent through the lens of our imputed righteousness in Christ.

Is There A Love Limit with a Mercy Clause? (Jennifer Phillips,

A good reminder that 1 Corinthians 13 does not put any limits on how much we are called to love our families, no matter how worn our patience gets.

How Not to Teach Your Kids the Bible (John Wells, TGC)

This valuable article instructs parents about Bible-teaching pitfalls (like moralizing and cherrypicking) while providing guidance about how to rightly handle the Word in our homes.

Youth Culture

With Teen Mental Health Deteriorating Over Five Years, There’s A Likely Culprit  (Jean Twenge,

Dr. Jean Twenge examines the connection between a rise in teen depression and the advent of smartphones.

Talking With Teens

Children Need a Crisis of Faith: Seven Lessons From Parenting Through Doubt (Jon Bloom,

“Coming to really see, savor, treasure, and trust Jesus Christ almost always begins in a crisis. And this has unnerving implications for Christian parents: if our children are going to see the Light, they very likely must endure darkness.”

Parents and the Church

Five Leaders Every Youth Ministry Needs (Chelsea Erickson, TGC)

“Because this is the article youth pastors want parents to read this month. You guessed it: four of the five kinds of leaders that youth ministries need are parents.”

From the Rooted Blog:

How Do I Find God’s Will for my Life? (David Platt sermon)

“Like the good Father that He is, God will lead us and guide us as we obey His revealed will in His Word. The wisdom in this sermon will help students (and the parents and pastors who guide them) lay a foundation for making wise life choices.”

Whose Dreams are They Anyway? (Meredith Exline)

“Like Mary, as I treasure my children I must come to the realization they were never fully mine to begin with but a gift to train up in the way they should go.”

See the Cross (Katie Polski)

“Because of this peace with God, we can let go of our need to control, which only produces anxiety, and experience instead the freedom that comes from relinquishing to the One who understands fear and who lovingly guides through trials.”

What Do I Think is at Stake? (Jason Peevy)

“Realize that where your treasure lies – where you find your source of worth or love – has a direct effect on your desires and your desires have a direct effect on your choices, actions, and responses.”

Do Justice (Ben Wills)

“We would be wise to join Him in His relentless pursuit of justice and cultivate hearts and minds in our kids to do so as well.”

Do Not be Wise in Your Own Eyes (Amy Bond)

“In Christ we can have confidence that a teachable heart produced through humility is faithfully exalted by God. Parents, we need to be the first example our children can look to for living the wisdom-filled life of a teachable heart.”

Where Is the Fun in Parenting? (Ingram Link)

“We walk a fine line as parents. Our instinct is to correct and fix, fix and correct. Jesus shows us so much more grace than that.”

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