Registration Opens for Monumental Rooted 2016


The title of The Allman Brothers Band’s 11th album, Back Where It All Begins, echoes the feel of Rooted’s sixth annual conference, slated for San Diego, California. 

Back in 2010 our founder, Frank Limehouse, came up with the idea to have a youth ministry conference entirely focused on the Gospel after reading Christless Christianity by Michael Horton. He declared that no segment of the church lacked the message of the crucified Christ more than youth ministry. Rev. Limehouse determined that we should have a conference focused on the Gospel in youth ministry alone, and resolved to book Michael Horton — the authorial inspiration for Rooted — for that very first conference. 

We failed. 

Surprisingly — and this is a real shocker — Dr. Horton was not available with a few months notice back in 2010. And thank God, because we think his time is a touch better spent than speaking at a conference in Birmingham, Alabama that drew a whopping thirty-one people. 

“Back where it all begins” is where we arrive for Rooted 2016. Michael Horton will serve as our keynote. The Gospel as the core of youth ministry, as always, will serve as the axis of this conference. 

This year, we focus on reconciliation. We will look at how this theme of salvation relates to our students and to the hearts of youth pastors who desperately need the comfort of God’s grace. 

We come with modest expectations. The only thing we promise is the most comforting, encouraging youth ministry conference you will ever experience. And that’s not an empty promise. In our closing survey, 98.7% of our 250 attendees at 2015 conference said that Rooted was the best youth ministry conference they had ever attended. (Yes, that’s a literal statistic.)

Come see for yourself. We aim to encourage, equip, and educate you on more effective, Gospel-centered youth ministry. Sign up for Rooted today. 

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