Rooted 2018: New Youth Pastor Pre-Conference


When you start a youth ministry position, you are so excited and passionate about building relationships with kids and about proclaiming the good news of Jesus and the gospel.

But there’s this lurking problem: you’re scared and you’re not quite sure what to do next. We’ve all had that moment as a young youth pastor in the first week, month, or year: “Here I am! Um….like….now what am I supposed to do???” (Don’t feel bad if this is where you are. We’ve all been there.)

In the vast majority of cases – nearly all – there is nobody there to answer that question, “Now what am I supposed to do?” Your head pastor or direct report usually don’t know the answer. Most youth pastors work alone.

This is why we have established the New Youth Pastors Pre-Conference that will be held in the hours leading up to Rooted 2018 in Nashville. For two hours, we will answer the questions and give you the practical first steps you need to take in the early season of your youth ministry.

Regardless of how long you’ve been a youth pastor, if you still feel new in your ministry sign up for the New Youth Pastor Pre-Conference.

New Youth Pastor Pre-Conference
October 4, 2018
Christ Presbyterian Church
Nashville, TN

To register for the pre-conference, go to our registration page and the pre-conference is an add-on to regular registration. If you have already registered for the full conference, but would like to add the pre-conference, email Emily Heide ([email protected]).


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