Rooted 2018 Plenary Audio


We’re so excited to release audio of the plenary talks from our recent conference in Nashville,
the theme of which was “Heaven: For Today and Forever.”

“Judgment and Grace on the Day of the LORD” – Mike McGarry
“What the Bible Really Teaches About Heaven” – Nancy Guthrie
“Heavenly Hope: When you See No Results in Your Ministry or Home”- Cameron Cole
“The Waiting is the Hardest Part” – Julia Friedman
“What’s Forever For?” – Dr. Robert Smith
“Making All Things New: Truths to Help Us Stay Faithful in Ministry” – David Choi
“Groaning Til Glory” – Jason Cook
“The Return of the King” – Robby Holt

As incentive to download the new Rooted App, for the time being we are only releasing the
audio there (not directly on the blog).

In case you missed it, we have officially launched our ROOTED APP within “The Church
App.”  It includes links to our blog, podcasts, RRG information and so much more. To download
the app, click here, or text the code “Rooted” (without quotations) to 206-859-9405. The reply
will include a direct link to download the app. If you already have The Church App on your
device, you can find us in the search window.


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