Rooted 2019 Conference: Theme and Teaching


Each year the plenary talks at our conference focus on a specific theme. Death to Life, the theme of the 2019 Rooted conference in Chicago, highlights one of the most important aspects of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Christian narrative is a story of redemption, where God brings life out of death, light out of darkness. Thanks be to God!

As student ministry leaders and parents, we see death in the world and even feel it in our own hearts. We all need to be reminded of the grace of God and Christ’s every day work of making all things new. Each of the eight plenary talks will focus on a different facet of our theme. These talks lay a gospel foundation, and then our workshops focus on practical ways the gospel impacts our churches, youth groups, and homes.

Our staff and steering committee puts hours of conversation, research, and prayer into planning the theme and the talks. The speakers we invite are known for gospel centrality and teaching experience, bringing diverse voices to encourage us in our walk with Jesus. This year’s speakers have a wealth of ministry experience in a variety of different contexts, and each is firmly grounded in the truths of Scripture. Every year attendees tell us the teaching is one of the great strengths of our conference; we want you to come away fortified in your faith, encouraged in your ministry, and energized for the kingdom work you’ve been entrusted.

For Elyse Fitzpatrick’s talk “Life After Death: The Promise That Makes Death Untrue” will examine questions that parents and youth pastors struggle to answer:

 The world God created was indeed good but that’s not the world we see today. The world we see today is shattered and cruel and suffocating under death. How can we continue to minister in such a context? Where is our hope? What hope do our dystopian-loving youth have? In this session we’ll revisit the only promise that has the power to turn death into life, the power of a sinless, crucified, risen and ascended Christ.

We are also looking forward hearing to Dr. Christopher Yuan’s essential perspective in his talk, entitled, “Holy Sexuality and the Gospel: Not Gay to Straight but Death to Life:”

We all know someone who identifies as gay. How can Christians better engage with our loved ones and friends in the LGB community? How does the gospel shape our understanding of sexuality? Without any compromise of truth or grace, Dr. Christopher Yuan combines his life experiences and his theological training in biblical languages to bring a fresh and unique perspective on this important topic.

Jen Pollak Michel will tell us, “The Whole Story About Holiness,” Brian Dye will discuss how “young people must know the authenticity of those they follow,” and our own Kevin Yi will walk us through Deuteronomy 34 in “Death to Life in the Heart of Leadership.” Our talks will be rounded out by pastor Watson Jones III, Rooted steering committee member and editor Chelsea Kingston Erickson, and Rooted founder Cameron Cole.

Come join us for this redemptive event where we remember how God moves our lives and the lives of our kids from death to life. Register here; you have a few more days until the August 31 price increase!!







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