Rooted 2019 Workshop Audio Second Release


Today we released 5 more of our 2019 workshop audio recordings on the Rooted App. We released the first five last week via the app, and will release the final five next week. All of our 2019 conference recordings will be released as podcasts in 2020. But to access them today, click here to download the rooted app, then click on “podcasts” and “conference recordings.”

The following workshops were released today:

1. Christopher Yuan: Bible and Same-sex Relationships
There are six passages in Scripture which touch on the issue of homosexuality and condemn same-sex relationships. And yet some claim they do not. So what does the Bible really say? With a deep understanding of Hebrew, Greek, contextual issues, and biblical exegesis, Dr. Christopher Yuan presents and analyzes the gay-affirming interpretations of these Old Testament and New Testament passages with clarity and compassion.
2. Greg Lanier: It Is About You: “I Have Been Crucified” and the Personal Side of Paul’s Gospel

Though Paul’s gospel emphasizes the life, death, resurrection, ascension, and return of Jesus Christ, there has to be a way for these historical events to become yours personally. In this session we study how Paul sees personal salvation not simply as belief in these facts, but as a Christian’s relational participation in the facts “with” or “in” Christ. Furthermore, so much of ministry to students has involved trying to modify behavior rather than true heart transformation. We will also reflect on what it means to help young people see that salvation is not merely “WWJD” or even “a walk with Jesus,” but Christ living out from within you to make you like himself.

3. Danny Kwon: Working with Anxious Parents of Anxious Teenagers

Helping Parents Embrace Their Teenager’s (& Young Adult’s) Depression & Anxiety — For teenagers and young adults today, depression and anxiety seems to be becoming an epidemic. They are stressed, anxious, and even suicidal. This session begins to offer help for parents (and those who serve parents) to understand and embrace their teenagers and young adults, to walk with them, and offer their guidance and love in their journey with their children.

4. Watson Jones III: Growing Youth to Be Salt and Light

The goal of this workshop is to provide youth workers and parents tools and ideas to aid young people in being a gospel centered and missional force in their context.  Guided by 1 Timothy 4:12 and Jeremiah 1:4-10, we discuss God’s plan for youth in today’s culture and methods of discipleship. We also discuss ideas and methods for inspiring  a salt-and-light presence in their schools, families, and friends circles.

5. Dennis Hollinger: Christian Ethics and LGBTQ Challenges

This seminar first probes helpful distinctions in Christian Ethics analysis of the LGBTQ issues.  We then explore the biblical and historical understandings and respond to the challenges that have been raised in recent years.  We conclude by discussing effective ministry to young people struggling personally or have friends who are struggling with LGBTQ attraction and identity.



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