Rooted 2019 Workshop Audio Released


Today we released 5 of our 2019 workshop audio recordings on the Rooted App. We will release a handful each week via the app. All of our 2019 conference recordings will be released as podcasts in 2020. But to access them today, click here to download the rooted app, then click on “podcasts” and “conference recordings.”

The following workshops were released today:

1. Chelsea Erickson: The “Secret Sauce” of Youth Ministry: Creating a Culture of Student Leadership
Have you noticed attrition in your ministry as upperclassmen begin investing more of their time in school or sports and less time at youth group? Are you discouraged by the way students who seem rooted in Christ struggle to find their place in the church after high school graduation? Establishing a culture of student leadership helps students form lifelong patterns for participation in the local church. In this workshop, we’ll consider practical steps for creating a student leadership pipeline in your context.

2. Tucker Fleming: Gospel Messaging
Politicians and marketers have been using consistent language to make their messages stick with their constituents. This conversation will explore how youth ministers can apply these common grace insights to message the Gospel in memorable ways for our students.

3. Kendal Conner & Anna Harris: Tag Team How Parents and Youth Ministers Can Work Together for Fullness of Discipleship to Teens
One of the greatest challenges of youth ministry often is partnering with parents and one of the greatest challenges of parenting is, well, everything. Veteran youth minister Kendal Conner and Rooted Parent editor Anna Meade Harris team up in this practical workshop to serve both audiences. How can parents and youth ministers build the invaluable partnership of the family and church? Because when parents and youth workers learn to disciple teens together, the whole church grows stronger in the gospel.

4. Dave Wright: Teaching the Bible to Transform Lives
How do we prepare Bible teaching that will speak to the heart, soul, and mind of students? Our goal in Bible teaching should always be transformation but how do we really prepare in such a way that our teaching will open hearts, stir souls, and captivate the minds of students? This workshop will examine the process of preparing to teach the Bible in a way that transforms lives.

5. Collin Hansen: Maybe we Don’t Have Revival Because We Don’t Ask
Many of the most dynamic periods of recent church history started with simple prayers for God to act as only he can. And many of those prayers started with students and young people. We’ll draw inspiration and instruction from the Bible and church history to learn how we can encourage rising generations to plead with God to revive his church.


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