Rooted 2020 Micro Conferences: Big Mission, Small Gatherings


God’s Good and Unexpected Provision

Rooted started with one overarching goal in mind–to advance gospel-centered youth ministry. Ten years ago, our founder saw a need for community among youth ministry workers and parents of youth, a community where you could be equipped, educated, and empowered to disciple students. The first Rooted Conference was born and now, ten years later, we are grateful to see how God has grown this mission and organization over the last decade. 

Just like every other plan made for 2020, we have had to adjust our 10th Anniversary Rooted Conference due to COVID-19’s continuing spread. But we’re thankful that the God who loves us and called us knew all along that we would need to make some changes to the conference. In fact, maybe now more than ever we are seeing the need for fellowship close to home. We have seen him provide in big and small ways to make the Rooted Conference you love an even more encouraging, accessible, helpful, and empowering experience for you this year. 

This year, we’re excited to launch our Nationwide Micro Conferences. We have seen the power of gathering with our youth ministry peers in our local communities as we have grown over the years. We now have over 40 Rooted Regional Groups across the U.S. who regularly get together for instruction, worship, prayer, and fellowship. We hope and pray that the micro conferences expand these communities to new places and new people, so that all students hear the gospel.

What are Nationwide Micro Conferences?

Rather than having a purely virtual conference, we will have dozens of small gatherings at churches across North America and the world.  Youth pastors will come together to watch, discuss, pray, sing, and fellowship. 

Rooted 2020 will deliver the same grace-filled Bible preaching, empowering instruction, and worshipful singing through virtual means while safely and responsibly preserving the rich fellowship that makes Rooted conferences so special. The relationships and intimacy are the reason that, on average, 98% of attendees over the past six years have said that Rooted puts on the best youth ministry they’ve ever attended.

Here’s the line-up for the 2020 Nationwide Micro Conferences:

Preaching and Instructional Content – Three plenaries and six workshops from our speakers including Tim Keller, Christina Edmondson, Cameron Cole, Kevin Yi, Watson Jones, III, Julie Sparkman, David Zahl, Chelsea Kingston Erickson, Anna Meade Harris, Liz Edrington, and Rebecca Lankford.

Live Q&A Panel A live panel of youth pastors will be available to discuss hot topics and answer questions.

Worship – Sing and worship with music led by Sandra McCracken.

Prayer – Pray together with other attendees.

Discussion Time – Talk through the instruction, ask questions, and learn from one another.

FellowshipEnjoy being gathered together with co-laborers with the same mission.

Virtual Access – Gain access to all of the conference workshops, Q&A Panel, and plenaries with your conference registration so you can revisit your favorite components throughout the year.

How to Join Us

Registration opens today! Click this link to register yourself and share with any youth ministry peers or volunteers you would like to join as well. 

We currently have 20 host sites confirmed, and the list is growing daily. If you don’t see a host site in your area on the map below, would you prayerfully consider hosting a small gathering? We provide you all you need to make it an easy and successful gathering. 

Thinking about hosting? 

Hosting a micro-conference will enable youth pastors in your area to view the conference content, discuss the talks, pray, and sing worshipfully with other practitioners in your area. During this isolating season of COVID-19, we think safely gathering in smaller groups with social distancing protocols will be a massive blessing to youth pastors and volunteers. We provide all you need for a successful micro conference – whether you plan to gather in a group of 3, 10, or 25 people.  We pray that the mission of Rooted is extended to new churches and locations as part of this year’s Micro Conferences. Ready to join us as a host? Apply Here


We are sure you’ll have questions about the new format for this year, so we have compiled a list of FAQ’s here

We hope you’ll join us!


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