Rooted Conference 2017: Partnering with Parents to Share the Gospel of Hope


This year Rooted realizes a dream: to expand its annual conference to include workshops designed specifically for parents.

Rooted’s mission statement is this: Rooted Ministry exists to transform student ministry by fostering grace-driven and cross-centered leaders through rich theological and contextual engagement.

What is a parent if not a leader of youth?

Here at Rooted we recognize that parents are on the front lines of student ministry; therefore partnering with parents is foundational to the work of a youth pastor. Not only do parents teach, equip, mentor, support, and guide teens in their own homes, they reach other teens in various everyday ways. From teaching Sunday school to carpooling to cheering from the stands to ordering pizza on a Friday night, parents have a steady stream of opportunities to disciple youth. Parents, like youth pastors, are ministry leaders in their homes and communities and churches.

Here’s the problem: many parents are perfectly comfortable reading Bible stories to their young ones, teaching them to pray at meals and bedtime, and encouraging them to accept Jesus as their Savior. But as kids become teens, many parents begin to lose confidence in their own ability to lead their kids spiritually. Some even think it is wise to “outsource” spiritual teaching, similar to the way a parent might find a calculus tutor or a pitching coach.

God doesn’t call parents to know about math or sports, but He absolutely equips parents to disciple their children. This is what our new blog feature, Rooted Parent, and our expanded conference are all about.

This past winter our blog team launched Rooted Parent, a Friday article written specifically by parents for parents. Our mission is twofold: first, we seek to encourage parents in the Lord, pointing out all the ways He ministers to and guides us as parents. Second, recognizing that parents and pastors share a common goal – grounding youth in the Word and in the Gospel – Rooted works to provide youth pastors resources and content they can share with their parents.

A brief sampling from the conference and the blog:

Counselor Alice Churnock will lead a workshop called “Why Ferris Bueller NEEDED a Day Off- The Realities of Teen Stress and Anxiety;” check out her article on teen perfectionism here.

Pastor Cameron Cole will lead a workshop outlining the difference between teaching our kids moralism and teaching our kids about the Cross; read “The Gospel Is About A Parent and a Child”.

Writer Kristen Hatton will lead a workshop about social media; take a look at “Social Media Is Not the Real Problem.”

Among the topics addressed in the workshops: grief, addiction, communicating the gospel to the adolescent brain, and same-sex attraction, as well as several other issues families face. Click here to see the complete list of workshops for parents at Rooted 2017.

Join us at October 26-28 in Dallas to continue the discussion about how pastors and parents can work together for the good of our youth, our families, and our churches. Youth pastors can provide great encouragement to parents who seek to develop their spiritual leadership in the home and outside it, and pastors stand to learn much from the wisdom and experience of the parents they serve. See you there!

Click here to register for Rooted 2017. Please note that partial registration is available for parents who cannot attend the entire conference. That registration includes two workshops and two plenaries.


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