Rooted for His Glory


I came across a quote the other day from a female Iranian church leader who recently attended an advanced training conference on women’s ministry. I thought her words might be of encouragement to you.

She wrote, “One of the challenges I had in ministry was feeling appreciated at church. But during the conference I learnt that I should be like the roots of a tree. Roots are never seen, but the deeper and stronger the roots, the bigger and broader the tree and its branches become.”

Youth ministry is often a difficult and thankless work, and yet it is one of the means our Lord uses to strengthen and grow the church.

May the Lord continue to root you in His love and establish you in His mercy so that the tree of His glory might abound with the fruit of His grace in your ministry.

The Lord is with you. His Spirit is within you. He sees your work and invites you to rest in Him today and every day as you labor on His behalf.


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