June-July 2018 Rooted Parent Top Ten


Welcome to this month’s Rooted Parent Top 10- a list of parenting articles from across the web for the Rooted community. This list represents ten articles we believe will encourage and equip you as you parent your kids. At the end of the list we have included all of the parenting articles that ran on Rooted last month. If you have an article you’d like to contribute to the next edition of the Top Ten, please email Anna at [email protected].

Discipling Our Kids

Are We Robbing Our Kids By Giving Online? (Bob Brooks, christianparenting.org)

Remember, if we aren’t teaching our kids about the spiritual aspects of money, the world is happy to do our job for us.”

How to Bring the (Whole) Bible to Life for Kids (Jimmy Needham, desiringgod.org)

“The Bible is a gift from God to your children through you. All of it.”

8 Things to Remember When Teaching Kids Theology (Melanie Lacy, crossway.org)

“The most pressing concern for those entrusted with the discipleship of children should be the faithful communication and application of God’s Word.”

Parenting is a Process, Not an Event (Paul David Tripp, TGC)

This extremely helpful 2 ½ minute video clip will encourage parents to persevere in the discipline and nurture of their children because that is what God does with us.

Four Things Dads Should Teach Their Kids About Money (Paul David Tripp, crossway.org)

The existence that dominates the universe is not ours, but God’s. It is this perspective that must shape—or for some of us, reshape—the way we think about money.”


Youth Culture

How Many Teenage Girls Deliberately Harm Themselves? Nearly 1 in 4, Survey Finds  (Emily Baumgaertner, NYTimes)

Rates of self-injury are even higher in parts of the United States, according to government data. Boys are half as likely to harm themselves.”

What Parents Need to Know to Know About Sibling Rivalry and Abuse (Raychelle Cassada Lowman, US News and World Report)

Most would say this type of relationship is completely normal, but if siblings are constantly at each other’s throats, persistently trying to outdo the other and continue tearing each other down with their words, the relationship is far from normal.”


Gospel- Centered Parenting

Still in Diapers at Thirty (Emily Newton, mbird.com)

I am a mama, who, much like the communion bread she takes every Sunday, is blessed by God and then broken and given out to her children time and time again each day.”

The Father’s Day Conundrum (David Zahl, mbird.com)

Would that Sunday morning was that one time of the week when all of us, fathers or not, could be assured of hearing a word of comfort and absolution.”

Closing the Door to the Whatifs (Sara Wallace, gospelcenteredmom.com)

Are the what-ifs robbing you of joy in motherhood today? You are not alone. The only way to close the door to the what-ifs is to walk through the door of gratitude instead.”


Rooted Blog

13 Reasons Why We Need to Have Conversations With Our Kids – Kristen Hatton

“Our teens need us to speak into the issues of our culture to help them think biblically about it.”

Walking With Our Kids Through Pain and Disappointment – Jennifer Sheppard

“When our children face their own “thorns” it’s not our job to go pluck them out.”

Summertime Blues: Sibling Love or Lack Thereof   Katie Polski

Don’t forget to show grace. This isn’t easy when there is persistent arguing, but we’ve been shown it abundantly by an ever-gracious God who has lavished it on us even in our ugliest state.”

HTH: The Dangers of Distracted Parenting

Writer Erika Christakis points out that “child development is relational,” and we parents would be wise to remember that the teenagers in our homes are still developing.”

Free to Pray for My Children – Anna Nash

Admittedly, too often my prayers for my children were driven by what I thought was best for them (oh, and what was best for me). I was praying my imperfect will for them instead of God’s perfect will for their lives.”


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