Rooted Parent Top Ten October-November 2021


Welcome to this month’s Rooted Parent Top 10 – a list of parenting articles from across the web for the Rooted community. This list represents ten articles we believe will encourage and equip you as you parent your kids. At the end of the list we have included several of the pieces that ran on Rooted Parent over the last month. If you have an article you’d like to contribute to the next edition of the Top Ten, please email Anna at [email protected] 

Gospel-Centered Parenting

How Satan Undoes a Mom by Tilly Dillehay, Desiring God. “Make no mistake — our children, no matter what they hear us say, will know what our hearts truly love.”

Be the Dad You Never Had by Ian Harber, TGC. “In an age when parents have outsourced discipleship of their teens to youth groups, Tyson’s vision of fathers discipling their sons is nothing short of radical. It’s nothing if not intense.”

You Don’t Become Superwoman Overnight- And That’s Ok by Faith Chang, SOLA Network. “By putting us in a position of weakness, [God] gives us the chance to recognize our need for his strength and grace in our work.”

The Verse That Helped Me Become a More Patient Parent by Megan Hill, TGC. “Paul’s letters are filled with things he had already said. But, unlike me, he doesn’t repeat himself through gritted teeth.”

God, Give Me a New Teenager Part Two by Andy Gleiser, Growing Fathers. “I suppose we could come up with a thousand different scenarios of “bad behavior” in teenagers. As Christian fathers, where do we begin? How do we help our young people grow in grace?”

Teen Culture

On Cigarettes, Vaping and Nicotine by John Piper, Desiring God. “This is the main root that parents should address as soon as their children can talk: What will be their treasure and their guide — Christ or the crowd?”

The Impact of COVID-19 on Adolescents’ Mental Health by Andrea Hussong, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. “…the infrastructures that support adolescent development were hit hard by the pandemic. Already insufficient before the pandemic, they are now depleted and exhausted.”

Teenagers in the Times by various, New York Times. This is a monthly round up of all the Times articles that relate specifically to trends among teens and trends that affect teens. The variety is fun and interesting. Under the education heading this month there is an article that relates specifically to private Christian high schools: Christian Schools Boom In a Revolt Against Curriculum and Pandemic Rules: “With public schools on the defensive, is this a blip or a ‘once-in-100-year moment for the growth of Christian education’?”

To Share With Your Teen

Young Christian, Give the Lord a Lot to Work With by Tim Challies, ”Building a firm foundation instead of a shaky one will take earnest desire and the willingness to deliberately make that desire a reality.”

Derek Carr and the Kingdom of Heaven by Matt Pearson, Mockingbird. “As ludicrous as it sounds, Carr’s response toward Ruggs is a mirror of how God responds to you. There is grace for a transgressor like Ruggs — or for no one at all.”

On Rooted

Gospel Perspectives for Parents: Sports and the Christian Life by Rooted

A Nutrient- Dense Theology of Food by Melissa Powell

Weeping Isn’t Wimpy: Teaching Our Kids to Grieve by Regan Branch

Church Is a Family Meal With Spiritual Food by Melissa Powell

Four Reasons to Bring Your Teenagers Back to Church by Katie and Chris Polski

Teaching Our Children to Contend for God’s Truth by Angela Tiland

Compassionate Eating: Love, Pray, Eat by Melissa Powell

Mom, Where are My Church Clothes? Why We’re Back in Sunday School by Dawson Cooper



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