Rooted Recommends: Anchored Passion, Resources for College Students and Young Adults


For those of you sending students off to college this fall, we’d like to recommend a website stocked with resources you can share with young adults. Developed by college students for college students, Anchored Passion provides gospel-centered encouragement to young people who are venturing out into the world for the first time. Additionally, if you know a student who loves to write about their faith or has an entrepreneurial bent, there are ways for readers to get involved and contribute. Founder and Director Cole Shiflet describes the ministry this way:

About Anchored Passion

We’ve found that our first time readers are college students coming to us with frustration and uncertainty in their faith. They have real, deep questions about how their faith can be reconciled with what they are learning from their schools. We do believe that students can learn to rest in Christ because the character of God never changes and His Word remains the same forever. As college students, we understand the loneliness and frustration of living in a culture filled with ever-changing worldviews. This feeling led us to start Anchored Passion.

Anchored Passion creates online resources that exalt Christ, equip the Church, and engage the culture through the proclamation of the gospel. Typically, our primary audience are college students and young adults who live in a world full of changing worldviews. Our readers want to answer their questions with truth anchored in God’s Word.

Our team spans all across the globe, yet we are all anchored in the unchanging truths of God’s Word. If you read our articles, listen to our podcasts, and connect with us on social media, we provide resources that answer your questions, alleviate your frustration, and provide you with assurance in your faith.

Our dream is that this work would continue after we graduate college and pursue our careers, but in order to do this, we need talented team members in college who are committed to the ministry. Our team is bigger than just writers. In addition to our editorial team, we have communications, connections, and global resources teams. If you are interested in getting involved with Anchored Passion, you can apply on our website.



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