Rooted Recommends: Christmas Matters, A Devotional From Luke’s Gospel


Rooted writers Anna Nash and Katy Shelton have a new devotion out this week, just in time for the journey towards Christmas. Christmas Matters: How the Birth of Jesus Makes a Difference Every Day is “a daily journey through the 24 chapters of the gospel of Luke to coincide with the 24 days in December leading to Christmas. It ends on Christmas day with a celebration of Jesus’ life based on the first chapter of John.” Accessible and gospel-centered, this little book would work well with your youth group, small group, families in your church, and of course your own individual devotions.

The authors have graciously agreed to share the introduction with us, so our readers can get a taste of the hope and joy in Christmas Matters:

Tiny fingers pulled open a cardboard door labeled “December 1”. Behind the door lay a Christmas-shaped piece of chocolate. It might have been a lamb or a manger or an angel or a tree, but each of the doors held a great revelation for my sister and me. Filled with anticipation, we awoke every morning of December excited to find out what lay behind the next door.

In the Bible, the story of Christmas begins with an invitation. Luke invites us into a different time and a different place, one full of fascinating people and stories. These people were anticipating a special event. They were waiting for their Savior who was to appear in the form of a little baby named Jesus.

My sister and I had no idea that this anticipation was called Advent. With our simple faith, we knew the calendar would be waiting for us with another treat each morning of December. We thought it was about a piece of candy, but our mother knew it was a way to point us to Jesus. Similarly, we have the opportunity to get to know the people in the book of Luke as we read each chapter, connect with God, and experience the powerful life of Jesus.

Luke explains his motivation for writing this book in the first few verses of chapter one.

“… to write an orderly account for you… that you may have certainty concerning the things you have been taught.” (Luke 1:3-4)

Most people think the word Advent means “waiting or anticipation” but this isn’t the case. Advent means “arrival”. Jesus would arrive on Earth to bring hope to all humanity. As we move into our journey to experience Him, may we find focus on the beautiful gift of His birth. Advent will offer an astounding and moving experience as we prayerfully set our hearts and minds on Jesus and worship Him for who He is and what He offers.

Each of the 24 chapters of Luke will take us through the story of Jesus’ life and the hope that He brings. Over the next month, we invite you to join us as we open one door of Luke at a time. Behind each door we will find truth that will stir us within as we count down the days leading to Christmas. Every chapter in Luke will reveal amazing revelations that will piece together the beautiful story of God’s son and the gifts He brings.

This 25 day journey will remind us of the hope that lies in the true story of Christmas. It will walk us through the Advent season, one beautiful revelation at a time. The journey will provide certainty concerning the life of Jesus as we draw near to Him. Each chapter in the book of Luke will offer us a chance to be reminded of the joyous birth of our Savior. Welcome to the season of evergreen trees, familiar carols, and sparkling lights. These are all hints of what’s to come. This December, may we have an enlightening Advent journey like never before as we witness the arrival of the true light of the world.


Christmas Matters is available in ebook form on Kindle or through the free Kindle app on your phone, tablet, or computer. Pre-order now by visiting Amazon and receive the book on its release day, November 27. Additionally, Christmas Matters will be available as a PDF to view or print at home. Visit ChristmasMattersBook to find out more.



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