Rooted Resources for Talking With Teenagers About Politics


In an increasingly polarized political climate in the United States, teenagers need to see how parents and youth ministers look to the gospel for our ultimate hope. As we approach election week, here are some past Rooted blog articles that we hope will encourage you in pointing students to King Jesus and his everlasting kingdom (Dan. 7:13-14, Lk. 1:26-33).

Five Truths We Must Tell Our Kids in A World of Political Chaos and Madness by Cameron Cole

Dear Teenager, Among celebrities and politicians, you have inherited mostly horrible role models for how to engage in civil discourse…As a parent and a youth pastor, I want to tell you that these norms are unacceptable; there is a better way.

Shaping the Church’s Future Voters Through Christ-Focused Discipleship by Davis Lacey

As pastors, youth workers, and parents, how can we shape the churchs future voters to value unity and charity over vitriol and division? How can we work to bridge these political divides in the future – for sanitys sake, and for the sake of the churchs witness?

Three Political Truths I Want My Kids to Know by Mark Howard

Im not saying that patriotism is bad. Im definitely not saying America is bad. I am saying that we need to put patriotism within its proper place, or like all affections, it can become an idol and we can be all too easily mislead. When it comes to discipling my children as political beings, there are three basic truths that I want my children to understand.

2020 Political Principles for Teenagers by Luke Paiva

The people of God are not inherently immune to the ways of the world. As an emotionally charged election looms, fears and concerns about the implications and future of our society weigh heavily on the hearts of most people. Politics are important. God is sovereign and intentional with the times and circumstances of our lives (Is 46:9-11, Acts 17:26). What we do politically matters, but we must first be servants of the King before we are citizens of a country.

Teenagers and Election Season: Is Fear More Infectious Than Faith? by Kendal Conner

Our students need to see that while we may be citizens of this country, we are foremost citizens of a much greater land. Gods purpose, just like His character, is unchanging. He is immutable; His promise cannot fail.


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