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This past Tuesday we released the first curriculum offering in Rooted Reservoir, our 6-lesson study of Philippians. This 6 week lesson plan, complete with a leader and student guide, will walk you and your students through an exegetical study of the book of Philippians.

In addition to free access to this resource, we are hosting a webinar TODAY, Thursday, April 9th from 1-2pm CDT to discuss how to teach and use the curriculum. Sign up for the webinar here.

We hope this curriculum gives you a way to connect with your students and point them back to Jesus during these difficult times. We are so excited to release this curriculum to you ahead of schedule and free of charge. This summer, we look forward to sharing with you more curriculum, training videos and an illustrations bank with the release of all of Rooted Reservoir. Our hope is that these resources will better equip you to faithfully disciple your students toward a long-long faith in Jesus Christ.
Stay healthy and many blessings!

Check out the Rooted Reservoir Philippians Curriculum and sign up for the webinar today!


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