Thanksgiving for Rooted


The fifth year for Rooted is winding down and our ministry has much for which to be grateful. Every success, encouragement, and joy that we delight in comes purely as an expression of grace from the generous God, who — for some inexplicable reason — chooses to work through broken vessels.

We have so many things for which to be grateful, but most of our gratitude surrounds the people associated with our ministry.

Our blog has over seventy writers, none of whom have ever collected a penny for their hard work and willingness to share. How can we thank you enough for driving the most powerful part of our ministry?

Our 2015 conference was a smashing success, largely because of those who came, including both our attendees, musicians, and our speakers. Everyone made sacrifices to participate. All of you bring joy to the hearts of those who lead the ministry.

Our readers validate that what we are doing matters. Thank you for coming back to our blog, offering comments, and circulating our articles through Facebook and Twitter.

The steering committee for Rooted has been tried and true — the backbone of the organization from its humble, “out of the ashes” beginnings in 2010. We never could have made it from five writers on the blog (or from 31 people and “birthday cake” at our first conference) without your loyalty.

To our employees, both past and present, thank you for working for third-world pay as a labor of love. Many, many youth pastors and young people receive the comfort of God’s graces for sinners because of your work behind the scenes.

And, of course, we give deepest thanks to our Lord and Savior, from whom every good thing flows.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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